Specialized Services

Accueil Services Specialized Services
  • Emergency Response

    SIMDEV provides a hot line service for emergency construction services in order to assist our customers in their most critical activities or emergencies.

    This includes:

    • 24/7 emergency call line
    • Integration in customers’ emergency response team
    • Assistance in emergency response training
    • Fully-equipped mobile emergency command post
    • Well-trained supervisors and workers
    • Large network of reliable subcontractors
    • Readily-available construction equipment
  • Sandblasting and Coating

    Sherwin Williams
    Nace - The wordwide corrosion authority
  • Vegetation management

    SIMDEV provides clearing and brushing services, either by hand or with heavy equipment.

    Our services include:

    • Vegetation management programs
    • Right-of-way clearing
    • Lines, poles and substations free of overhead and ground hazards
    • Increased safety and improved appearance
    • Reduced fire hazard
    • Skilled workers with safety training in forest management
  • Temporary Access Roads

    In soft or muddy terrains, muskeg or environmentally-sensitive areas, SIMDEV provides and maintains access to all the projects.

    This includes:

    • Temporary access solutions for resources and construction equipment
    • Right-of-way temporary access roads
    • Stream crossings with temporary bridges
    • Excavators equipped with mat grapple to construct mat access for remote work
    • Faster access construction (50 to 70% faster than regular equipment)
    • Cleaning of mats prior to relocation to prevent contamination
    • Access for any kind of work and in any type of conditions
  • Excavation par Keyhole (cathodic protection)

    SIMDEV provides keyhole excavation maintenance services.

    We offer our customers a cost and time effective solution that allows us to locate, inspect and work on buried utilities while maintaining high quality and safety standards. Work is limited to a small controlled excavation using soft excavation methods. Once the utility daylighting is completed, inspection and work can proceed using specialized tools. Afterwards, the hole is backfilled and the road surface “coupon” reinstalled. Multiple sites can be completed in less than a day. This is an excellent choice for inspection programs and cathodic protection programs.

    Our services include:

    • Totality of work done from the surface
    • Short and localized interventions
    • Reduced traffic disruption
    • Minimal excavation and backfill volumes
    • No heavy machinery involved
  • Clockspring®, Petrosleeve® and Armorplate®

    Clock Spring
    Armor Plate